TRANS4M Custom Programming


  • EDI MONITOR: "Airport Monitor" of Trans4m® EDI processes. Continuously updated display warns if a process fails after maximum retries or if it is in the queue too long.
  • EDI FTP killer: Stops EDI FTP processes that have been running longer than a specified time. This solution resolves common EDI/FTP lock-up issues, adding stability to your scripted ftp communications.
  • FIT-AFR: (Automated File Resize) Automatically analyzes and resizes Trans4m®/UniData Static files. Files are locked prior to resize to prevent corruption that other UniData file resizing programs would allow.
  • FIT-AFP: (Automated File Purge) Automatically purges Trans4m®/UniData files based on your specified retention periods. Table-driven design allow administrator to setup and change purge criteria as often as they like.
  • SQL ARCHIVE: Custom development of UniData ODBC schema and Microsoft SQL server scripting to allow your historical Trans4m® Data to be archived into SQL Server database table for faster BI/Query (or other ODBC reporting tool) queries and reduced load on your Transactional Trans4m® Database.
  • DIST HIST: Report on Distribution History information after it has been archived to a SQL Server 2000 database table. Written in Visual Basic .NET providing a windows based user experience. Convenient export to Excel feature for further data analysis. Similar projects available for nearly any set of Trans4m data you wish to archive into Microsoft SQL Server and allow users to easily retrieve on their own.
  • Batch Label Print: TRANS4M® enhancement to consolidate ARCS barcode labels into a single print job. This prevents the mixing of labels when multiple users print to the same barcode printer simultaneously. Avoid just one mislabel issue and this program pays for itself!
  • RPS Email: Send Repetitive Purchasing System (RPS) releases to your suppliers using email attachments. Great alternative if you are not yet ready for the cost and complexity of SupplyWebTM!
  • Auto NBP: Automatically run the Nightly Batch Processor every night.
  • Auto EDI Processor: Automatically start EDI processor if it's not running.

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