Seven Ways To Save On Your TRANS4M Related Expenses

  1. Get a second quote before approving any Custom Programming, Training or Upgrade proposals
  2. Demand a written explanation of what was done to resolve a problem so that you can fix it yourself next time
  3. Watch all Consultants while they are working and take notes
  4. Schedule preventive maintenance like file purging and resizing to avoid issues
  5. Keep anti-virus and anti-spyware software and definitions up to date on your Trans4m Server and all Client Machines
  6. Eliminate consultant travel charges with remote administration & training
  7. Get a discount by signing up for a retainer plan

TRANS4M Technical Consulting


Trans4m Technical Consulting Services

Some of our Most Popular Technical Consulting Services for Trans4m Users are:

  • Setup of new Trans4m Account or Company Code
  • SOX/JSOX Audit Preperation or Remediation
  • Move Trans4m to a New Server
  • Migrate from UNIX to LINUX
  • Migrate from UNIX to Windows
  • Upgrade Windows Server versions
  • Trans4m Application Performance Review
  • Ideas for Windows Application Performance Review
  • ODBC Schema Setup
  • Trans4m Data Warehouse Setup
  • File Archiving, Purging and Resizing
  • UniData Upgrades, Migrations, and Training from an IBM Certified Administrator
  • Second Quote on a Custom Modification or Development Project
  • Support and Outsourced Administration Agreements

3rd Party TRANS4M Hotline Support

3rd party ERP Support

The economic environment is difficult for Automotive Supliers right now.


We want to let you know we are still here ready to help you.


We offer 3rd party Trans4m Support by Monthly Retainer or as needed support via credit card. This Service helps to keep you in business while we all ride out this down-turn. You can buy as little as one hour of Support or Remote Administration at a time. No matter what the status of your relationship with Infor at this point, if you need assistance and they can’t or won’t help you we will.


Call us today to see how easy it is to get the help you need when you need it!


TRANS4M Custom Programming


  • EDI MONITOR: "Airport Monitor" of Trans4m® EDI processes. Continuously updated display warns if a process fails after maximum retries or if it is in the queue too long.
  • EDI FTP killer: Stops EDI FTP processes that have been running longer than a specified time. This solution resolves common EDI/FTP lock-up issues, adding stability to your scripted ftp communications.
  • FIT-AFR: (Automated File Resize) Automatically analyzes and resizes Trans4m®/UniData Static files. Files are locked prior to resize to prevent corruption that other UniData file resizing programs would allow.
  • FIT-AFP: (Automated File Purge) Automatically purges Trans4m®/UniData files based on your specified retention periods. Table-driven design allow administrator to setup and change purge criteria as often as they like.

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